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At Market Jar, we focus on digital marketing strategies that help our clients optimise their websites for search engine visibility online. Our team of dedicated digital marketing professionals provides a full range of SEO services designed to meet our client’s business objectives and goals.

We understand that there is no single solution that works for all digital marketing efforts, which is why we work with each client to tailor our services to their unique needs and goals.

In addition to the work we do with our clients, we provide top international SEO insights and solutions in the United Kingdom that are tailored to every industry we serve.

From E-commerce, consumer goods, healthcare and more, our specialist team SEO helps high-ticket businesses to scale faster.

Companies We've Proudly Scaled:


Why Your Business Should Focus on SEO

This is a question Market Jar receives a lot as search engine optimisation can be a complex and multi-faceted process. In terms of your brand’s online visibility with your website, SEO has the potential to increase your organic search traffic by optimising it for search engines like Google and Bing.

Search engines like Google and Bing use sophisticated algorithms to determine which websites should appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). Since its creation, search engines have introduced a variety of updates to their algorithms, making SEO an ever-evolving field.

By improving and ultimately focusing on your company’s SEO, more and more people will be able to see your business on the search engine results. By doing this, you stand a greater chance of boosting your brand’s awareness, increasing website traffic, and increasing the chances of more conversions as a result.


A revenue-focussed based agency

What makes Market Jar stand out against other SEO companies is the fact that we remain a revenue-focused agency. We understand that the time and resources invested into SEO can be costly, so we make sure to focus on achieving a good ROI for our client’s budgets.
By providing comprehensive professional SEO services tailored to the needs of each client, we can help our clients reach their desired objectives and increase their revenue.

From addressing on and off-page SEO, link building, technical SEO and so much more, we make sure every effort spent on your business’s search engine optimisation delivers what we stand for.

Learn how we can supercharge the growth of your business today with a free seo strategy consultation.


More Clicks, Conversions, and Customers with Market Jar

Driving great SEO results comes with experience and an arsenal of services that can help drive organic search results for your business. Here are some of the professional SEO services we offer at Market Jar:

On-page SEO


Market Jar’s on-page SEO process focuses on searching and analysing the structure, content and code of your website to find areas that need improvement. This includes and is not limited to optimising title tags, meta descriptions, headings and content to boost organic rankings.

Utilising some of the best software in the industry has enabled us to find and optimise each page so that it can be indexed and ranked by search engines.

Off-page SEO


At Market Jar, we use off-page SEO techniques to build a strong online presence to help you boost your organic rankings. This includes building high-quality backlinks, increasing brand visibility and improving overall seo authority online.

This is widely regarded as one of the most important areas in the field of search engine optimization as it involves extensive work that targets search engines’ biggest ranking factors.

Technical SEO


Getting into the nitty and gritty of SEO, and technical SEO requires a lot of experience and knowledge as it involves optimisation that goes beyond what can be seen on the front end and back end of the site.

Elements that we cover under our technical SEO involve the likes of SEO audits, structured data implementation, page speed and so much more. These tasks are known for being labour-intensive and need a key eye to fully resolve, which is why our leading SEO specialists are on hand to help improve your SEO strategy.

Link Building


Arguably one of the biggest ranking factors for SEO, link building is a prominent SEO practice that needs to be done correctly over the long term. We help businesses by implementing a unique link-building strategy that helps build high-quality SEO authority and improve organic rankings.
We are proud to be considered a reliable ‘white hat SEO’ business that only follows the best business practices when procuring seo-optimised links for your website.
If this area is done correctly, search engines like Google can impose a ‘manual action’ which may involve a temporary or permanent removal of your website’s listing on their search engine.

On-site content analysis


We work with our clients to analyse their websites to find any potential bugs and errors that may have slipped through the cracks. This includes and not limited to searching for broken links, missing images, duplicate content, pre-loader issues and so much more.
Having to monitor your online business day by day is a tedious task which is why we have software to make sure your business online is reaching its potential and your SEO works.

SEO tests


Your organic traffic is precious to us which is why we test every change before its launch, to make sure it’s SEO friendly and meets SEO guideline requirements. We have a team of SEO professionals that monitor every SEO campaign regularly to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

We're an International SEO agency that delivers you growth

Our agency is proud to have a group of ethically-minded SEO professionals with the experience and knowledge to help you reach your SEO goals. We only use SEO techniques that are proven to be effective, and we’re here to help you make informed decisions about SEO services for your business. Know that your business online is in good hands with us at Market Jar.

Frequently Asked Questions

This area is highly debated and depends on many factors such as industry, competition and your SEO strategy. Generally speaking, though, it’s safe to assume that you’ll see visible SEO results within 12 months when working with an International SEO Agency like Market Jar.

Due to the ever-changing nature of SEO, it is important to keep up with the latest trends, and SEO best practices to stay ahead of your competition.

We believe that having a dedicated marketing agency behind your business can greatly benefit it in the long run. Not only will you be able to receive tailored advice and strategy from SEO professionals, but also save yourself time and money when compared to managing SEO on your own.

We take the hassle and risk out of the equation, so you can focus on what’s important – growing your business.
Whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, Market Jar can help provide your business with the SEO services it needs to succeed in today’s digital landscape.

Every client we have at Market Jar receives a dedicated client portal in which we regularly upload reports, tasks, and analytics. This allows our clients to track their progress over time, and view how their campaigns are performing against their seo goals.

This also serves as an important source of data for us when creating strategies for future campaigns, so that we can ensure your business is receiving the highest return on investment possible.

Moreover, we also provide our clients with monthly performance reviews in which our consultants will walk you through the results and make sure that the expected seo goals are achieved.

We know SEO, so you don’t have to

At Market Jar we don’t need to shout about awards and prizes, because we can just point to the things that make us who we are.

Our willingness to go above and beyond for the client. Our transparency in everything from pricing to planning. And – most importantly – our track record.

Clients choose us because we work harder than anyone else, get the work done with minimum fuss and get the results they want.


Results, not promises

We’ve helped clients all over the world to grow their pipeline, and increase their revenue. Here’s what they had to say about working with Market Jar.

Nick BJ


We have seen excellent results using Market Jar for our SEO. Would highly recommend them.

Mrs Francis

Signature Staff

Market Jar has provided my company with a fantastic website. James and his team are a pleasure to deal with & I could not recommend Market Jar highly enough.

Guy N

Citipost Ltd

They have managed all of website, graphic design and SEO/PPC for the last 4 months and their work has utterly transformed the side of the business they have worked on, we are now involving them in a number or areas. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a partner of this kind.

Peter Bright

Tech Optimised

Always pleased with the amazing service received from the Market Jar team, keep up the great work!

Dan Carter

Verified Review

Used MarketJar for an ad campaign, and was very impressed. Delivered above expectations, we got some great visibility and the campaign went very well. Found James and the team to be very efficient and on the ball. Received full reporting on campaign stats.


Nkiti Clothing

James has been excellent in helping our business grow. We’ve worked with Market Jar to optimise our SEO and the ROI has been incredible!


Verified Review

Market Jar has taken me from not even being near the first page when you search for my business name; to competing for, and overtaking, literally every single one of my competitors for a decent range of keywords…


Market Jar have been fantastic in assisting me with creating a dynamic website and revolutionising the way my company is seen from a social perspective. I had spoken to a number of companies prior to choosing Market Jar and felt that their hands on and personal approach was going to give me and my business the best results.

Will Jonas

Verified Review

I was hesitant about re-hiring an SEO company (there are a lot of sharks out there!), but we are super happy that we found Market Jar. James and his team have delivered great results! It felt throughout as if they cared about us as a customer, listening to what we were trying to achieve and giving useful guidance when needed. They also seem to love what they do and earnestly want to get the best results and that enthusiasm is infectious.

Fred Clelland

Plonk Wines

Truly fantastic service. The team are absolute experts and stick to deadlines. We’ve seen our organic ranking leap up on numerous keywords, and organic now is Plonk Wine’s biggest driver of revenue through the website.

Tommy Ladds

Gasm Drinks

Market Jar, redesigned and developed a new Shopify website for us which was done expertly and professionally and we are already seeing a return from it. We are now working on a META add staggery and we are excited to see where we can grow with Market Jar’s help. Would recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much.

Mark Flounders

MoFlo Wines

I’m blown away by the professionalism and ethics displayed by Market Jar SEO. I run a small family-run business that had started mid-covid. I called for a quote to help us rank, and the guy who called me had clearly done his research and checked out our website, and keywords…

The Market Jar Business Growth Model™

If you’re looking to gain better visibility online, and increase your revenue, we have the passion and industry know-how to…

  • Get your business in front of the right people at the right time.
  • Build up excitement around your brand.
  • Sell more to more clients, repeat sales, and build authority.
  • Secure better, and bigger clients every month!

…all the while removing the stress of wondering where your next sale is going to come from. You just focus on putting on the business and we’ll handle the rest.

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