eCommerce Website & Digital Marketing for Citicare

590 new clients and Increased Revenue over £4 million

The Client:

Citicare, a newly established company amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, approached Market Jar in 2020 seeking assistance in building their brand. With a primary focus on providing PPE, logistics, and fulfilment services, Citicare aimed to make a significant impact in its industry. Their vision was to become a trusted name in the market, offering exceptional service and demonstrating their distinct advantage over competitors.

The Challenge:

One of the main challenges Citicare faced was establishing a strong brand identity that resonated with its target audience. They needed a logo that not only represented their values but also aligned with the overarching identity of their parent company. Additionally, Citicare required an impressive eCommerce delivery website capable of showcasing its offerings and effectively driving conversions. To top it off, they sought to improve their online visibility through a comprehensive SEO strategy, aiming to rank prominently on search engines and attract a steady stream of organic traffic.

What We Did:

To address Citicare’s branding needs, we embarked on creating a refreshed brand identity that would capture the essence of their business while harmonizing with their parent company’s identity. Our expert team developed a modern and distinctive logo that exuded professionalism and credibility, elevating Citicare’s overall presence in the market. Simultaneously, we designed and developed a brand new eCommerce delivery website that not only showcased their wide range of services but also highlighted their commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation. Furthermore, we established Citicare’s unique set of brand guidelines, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints and establishing a strong brand image.

SEO Success:

Implementing our proven SEO strategies, we embarked on a journey to enhance Citicare’s online visibility and drive valuable organic traffic to their website. Through meticulous keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO enhancements, we successfully achieved significant results. Notably, we secured a prime position on the first page of Google for the competitive search term “PPE London” in central London, increasing Citicare’s visibility among its target audience.

Over a span of eight months, our efforts resulted in an impressive 590 new clients and a remarkable revenue increase of over £4 million. Moreover, our strategy attracted a substantial number of new users to the website, with 90% of the site’s visitors being new, prospective customers. Our success can be attributed to our deep understanding of Citicare’s business objectives and our ability to combine industry expertise with effective SEO techniques, yielding tangible and measurable outcomes.

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