SEO Case Study: English Wine Company

In just 3 months; 85 page 1 keywords, 1,303 total keywords and 5,340 x Organic Traffic Visits!

Who is The English Vine?

The English Vine are an English wine retailer selling great wines, without the nonsense. On their website, you can discover extraordinary wine: Blighty born or curated from across the continent. Most of these wines are little known to the retail trade.

Complete technical SEO strategy

The Client:

Our client, The English Vine, is an online retailer specializing in premium English wines. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional quality products, they sought to expand their online presence and increase their organic traffic to drive sales and establish themselves as a leading player in the industry.

The Challenge:

Upon initial analysis, we discovered that The English Vine was heavily reliant on branded keywords for organic traffic, resulting in limited visibility in non-branded search queries. Their website suffered from on-site issues, such as broken links, a lack of unique titles, meta descriptions, and URLs, which hindered search engine rankings. Furthermore, their blog section lacked high-quality content optimized for relevant keywords, which limited their potential for external backlinks and internal linking opportunities.

What We Did:

To address these challenges, our SEO and web design agency conducted a comprehensive strategy for The English Vine. We started by optimizing their Google My Business (GMB) profile, ensuring accurate information and enhancing their online presence. Next, we focused on improving on-site elements by fixing broken links and implementing unique titles, meta descriptions, and URLs for each page. Through meticulous keyword research, we developed high-quality content specifically tailored to target informational keywords, boosting their chances of acquiring natural backlinks and improving the internal linking structure.

SEO Success:

Our efforts yielded remarkable results for The English Vine. Within just three months of collaboration, we witnessed significant improvements in organic traffic. Initially, only four brand keywords held the top three positions, resulting in 694 organic traffic visits and a total of 490 keywords. However, our optimized strategies led to impressive growth. The number of non-brand keywords in the top three positions increased to 12, with 85 keywords ranking on page one. The website’s organic traffic skyrocketed to 5,340 visits, a staggering 667% increase, and the total number of keywords reached 1,303. These outcomes highlight the effectiveness of our SEO approach in boosting The English Vine’s online visibility, expanding its keyword rankings, and ultimately driving more organic traffic and potential sales.

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