PPE Hub Print


Who are PPE Hub?

Citipost group launched a new service to businesses through a sub-business called Global Media Hub, which enables the customer to use the Citipost ordering portal, branded PPE Hub. Using their online ordering portal gives customers the opportunity to benefit from services that the Citipost group offer.

The Client:

PPE Hub, a leading provider of personal protective equipment, approached Market Jar, a renowned SEO and web design agency, to establish a distinct identity for their new sub-division. As a trusted supplier in the industry, PPE Hub sought to enhance its brand presence and effectively communicate its offerings to existing and potential customers. Recognizing the importance of a visually compelling approach, they turned to Market Jar for their expertise in creating eye-catching designs that would captivate attention, particularly when delivered via email campaigns.

The Challenge:

When PPE Hub embarked on establishing its new sub-division, it faced the challenge of standing out in a highly competitive market saturated with numerous suppliers. They recognized the need to not only differentiate themselves from competitors but also effectively engage their target audience. The primary objective was to create a design solution that would catch the attention of customers when delivered through email, amidst the clutter of countless messages inundating their inboxes. Market Jar was tasked with developing a print design that would not only be visually appealing but also have the power to cut through the noise and make a lasting impression on recipients. This required careful consideration of various design elements, including colour schemes, typography, and layout, to ensure maximum impact and drive customer engagement.

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