SEO Case Study: Sake Shoten

A rapid 600% increase in web traffic for this online sake company.

The client

Sake Shoten imports exclusive and world-class Sake directly from Japan. They come in sample-sized bottles for Sake beginners and full-sized bottles for experienced Sake drinkers. It was founded by Chris Ashton, who is one of just 97 ‘Sake Samurai’ worldwide - an honour awarded to champions and promoters of the Japanese drink Sake who are located outside of the country. With such a unique brand behind him, we were pretty excited when Chris got in touch with us to help him grow Sake Shoten’s online reach and revenue.

The challenge

With a brand new website that had been launched just three days before approaching us, Chris wanted to attract new visitors to the Shake Shoten site through Google searches. Then, he wanted to turn those visitors into high-converting customers.

Revenue-focused SEO is what we do at Market Jar, so it was a perfect fit from day one.

What did Market Jar do?

We started by researching a bunch of relevant keywords for Sake Shoten that their prospective customers were searching for online. We optimised the website around these keywords and then put together a detailed content strategy.

We wrote high-quality content based around our target keywords. This eye-catching content that would go on to reach thousands of potential new customers via Google.

We then reached out to our network of 600+ outreach partners to ensure these blogs were getting as much visibility as possible. And, crucially, that they were getting the SEO juice that would start catapulting Sake Shoten up the Google search ranking.

Search Rankings

After we started working together, the Sake Shoten website started to rapidly climb the search rankings.

Within just three months, the Sake Shoten website made it onto page one of Google for 16 different keywords. That immediately meant more visibility for the Sake Shoten brand – and more website traffic.

Website Traffic

Within one month of working together, Sake Shoten saw more organic traffic trickling in from Google and other search engines.

That trickle soon turned into a downpour.

By the third month of publishing our keyword-optimised content,, the Sake Shoten website was getting more than 2,000 visitors every month from Google. 

Having started with a brand new website and no online traffic to speak of, suddenly Sake Shoten had a growing online audience that would soon become loyal, high-converting customers. 

When you combine our eye-catching content with Chris’ unique Sake brand, our partnership was a winning combination from the start. Kanpai!


Organic Visitors


Page 1 Keywords


Increase in Organic Traffic

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