SEO Case Study: Local Handyman

Leaving this client barely able to cope with demand...

The Client

Man Maid are an established handyman business based in Fulham, London. Man Maid offers a bespoke handyman service for homeowners in the SW London area. They are known for their getting to their clients much quicker than your average handyman, becuase of their white bicycles full of handy tools.

The challenge

Although Man Maid are well-known in the local Fulham area, they found themselves facing a significant hurdle – despite their expertise and quality services, they were struggling to secure a prominent position on Google search results.

Recognizing the crucial role of online visibility in today’s digital landscape, they sought a strategic partner to elevate their online presence. That’s when they reached out to Market Jar, with the shared goal of propelling their brand towards the top of relevant search rankings and unlocking the full potential of their business.

What did Market Jar do?

In response to the challenge at hand, Market Jar swiftly embarked on a comprehensive SEO strategy to revolutionize our client’s online visibility and transform their digital footprint.

The first crucial step involved migrating their website away from their previous agency to our hosting platform. This transition allowed us to have complete control over the website’s architecture and optimization, enabling us to implement tailored SEO techniques that aligned seamlessly with the client’s goals.

Furthermore, our commitment extended beyond mere optimization – we took charge of their website maintenance, a pivotal move that not only ensured the website’s smooth operation but also helped us to make optimisations and updates swiftly. This proactive maintenance approach not only reduced downtime but also enabled us to work on the site with enhanced efficiency, achieving faster and more impactful results.

What results did we achieve?

SEO is never a quick fix, and we normally expect to start seeing results after around six months. Here are some of the results we managed to achieve with Man Maid.

Within the initial six months, we observed a steady and consistent upward trajectory in their keyword rankings across various search engines. This surge in rankings led to a substantial increase in organic traffic to their website. Notably, several key service-related keywords that were once buried in search results started to command top positions, resulting in a substantial boost in targeted traffic, and revenue.

Our holistic approach, which included on-page optimization, technical SEO, and strategic content creation, led to an impressive growth in click-through rate and extended average time users spent on the website. Additionally, the seamless website maintenance we’re providing allows for quicker updates and iterative improvements reinforcing the positive impact of our SEO efforts.

In reality, there’s no secret formula to achieving these kinds of results. We first make sure we fully understand what your business is all about and what you’re hoping to achieve. After that, it’s a case of combining our specialist industry knowledge with our proven SEO strategies. And we reckon the results speak for themselves.

Leave the competition in the dust today, and sign-up with Market Jar.

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