SEO Case Study: Yoga Studio

We've overseen an 85% increase in revenue for this yoga studio.

The Client

The Power of Yoga is a state-of-the-art yoga studio in Fulham, London. They’re an established yoga studio in London, having been active for more than 20 years. They offer more than 90 classes every week aimed at everyone from yoga beginners to enthusiasts of all ages.

The challenge

Although The Power Yoga are a well-known yoga studio in the local Fulham area, they were struggling to grow their online presence. They wanted to reach page one of Google, grow their website traffic, get more online orders and ultimately grow their customer base.

To help them get to where they wanted to go, they got in touch with Market Jar.

What did Market Jar do?

When The Power Yoga got in touch with us, we simply adapted our proven and cost-effective strategies to help them achieve their goals. It’s always a slightly different challenge depending on the client’s industry, but the principles of any SEO strategy remain the same.

As always, we started by optimising their company website, checking it for any errors, improving the site speed, improving the user experience and generally making it easier for both Google and users to access. 

We then conducted some keyword research to discover which search terms people in London were using to find yoga studios like theirs. We optimised their website around these keywords and began writing new content for their website around similar keywords.

Alongside this content writing work, we also started building backlinks to The Power Yoga website and expanding their presence on Google My Business. Within a matter of months, we started to see some amazing results.

What results did we achieve?

SEO is never a quick fix, and we normally expect to start seeing results after around six months. Here are some of the results we managed to achieve with The Power Yoga:

  • Revenue from the website increased by 85%
  • We got ‘drishti yoga’ onto the first page of Google in central London
  • We are on track to get ‘pregnancy yoga training’ and ‘pregnancy yoga course London’ onto the first page in the next few weeks
  • The company’s Google My Business page saw a record 75,090 searches in one month

In reality, there’s no secret formula to achieving these kinds of results. We firstly make sure we fully understand what your business is all about and what you’re hoping to achieve. After that, it’s a case of combining our specialist industry knowledge with our proven SEO strategies. And we reckon the results speak for themselves.




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