The SEO Referral Scheme

Referrals are important to any business, so that’s why we want to reward people who refer us. If your referee ends up purchasing a service from us, you’ll receive a commission.

A bit of extra cash - for both of us - is a nice bonus. But really, this is more about trust. We like to think we have a good relationship with our clients, and if we can help their friends out and put a bit of money in their pocket then everyone’s a winner.

Here’s how it works.


It's really very simple. You fill in the below form, they buy a service from us, and we supply you two easy options; 10% per every client, or Additional hours at no charge towards your campaign.

How Much You Can Earn

Let’s say that Company A refers Company B to us. If Company B purchases a service worth £4,000, Company A would receive a one-off payment of £400 (10% of the fee).

Enjoy Your SEO Referral Gift

You can refer as many friends as you wish. The more you refer, the more money goes into your pocket. Your referral fee will be sent when your friend has paid Market Jar.

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