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Client Campaign Communication

As we continue to navigate through the intricacies of SEO and strive for the best outcomes, we’ve optimised our communication process to ensure we’re jointly leveraging our time and resources most effectively.

We consolidate our ongoing discussions and queries into our scheduled update calls, which happen bi-weekly, for paying customers.

This approach allows us to dedicate focused time to thoroughly review our progress, and address any concerns, and strategies for the upcoming period. It also enables us to prepare more comprehensively, ensuring that we cover all pertinent topics in a structured manner.

Of course, we understand the dynamic nature of our work might sometimes necessitate immediate attention. For such instances, we can agree on a protocol for urgent communications.

This way, we can ensure that critical issues are promptly addressed without overwhelming our inboxes. I believe this streamlined communication will enhance our efficiency and contribute to the continued success of our SEO work.

We’ve had to set this up, as some clients ensure on being memorable, so If you want to send us 50 emails a week or call twice a day, that is fine, however, it would be eating into your allotted time which we could have spent helping to drive business growth.


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