Our Dedicated Reporting

Our clients receive enriched data about campaigns, which allows us to effectively plan and evaluate the scope of work, and easily store and share client-related files, this Increases the automation and efficiency of our client management workflows.


From the portal, you can see which tasks are being done, and when they are being done.
This allows you to see details about ongoing projects we’ve shared with you, including detailed descriptions, task statuses, deadlines, and priorities.

An example of this is below:


  • Agree on the scope of work to be done.
  • View estimate timelines.


  • 50 GB of file storage per client to keep all important files in quick access.
  • All files are securely stored in our Cloud.

End of the Month Updates

After month 2, at the month’s end, each of our clients will either receive a video recording, or a phone call report which runs through work completed and how it’s benefitted your business. If you allow us to report on revenue, we can do this also. If you’d rather that we crack on with the work instead, we can do that also.

Campaign Communications

In line with our goals, and your expectations, we will look to make updates, every Friday, these will be updated directly on your portal. With potential comments made throughout the week.


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