Ineffective growth strategies hold high-potential brands back, such as lack of resources, unclear or shifting goals, difficulty tracking ROI, optimising web pages and content, and keeping up with constantly evolving search engine algorithms.

Market Jar helps High-Ticket Businesses with an AOV of £500+ gain better visibility online, and increase their revenue, by helping them grow through technical strategies and relatable and measurable data you can understand.

With a combined 80+ years of experience, and a strong team of search engine marketers, Market Jar is committed to providing its clients with the highest-quality solutions that help them reach their goals and objectives in the most effective way possible.

CEO & Founder

James Nathan

With over a decade of experience in the DTC industry before starting Market Jar, I saw how most marketing agencies were out of touch. They focused on vanity metrics, didn’t deliver expected results, and lacked visibility into campaign progress.

After bootstrapping my own DTC brands to over a million in two years, I’ve since helped 70+ CEOs and founders scale their brands. Including brands worth $432M – $1.6B.

As someone who identifies as neurodiverse, I understand the value of thinking differently to solve problems. With this in mind, I’ve built a varied, knowledgeable and experienced team who uses a unique hands-on approach to solve our clients’ problems.

Expanding businesses worldwide, and getting huge returns on their marketing efforts is hugely rewarding, and I’ll be here to stay.

Successful brands we've worked with


Here's what success we’ve achieved for other brands, and what we can deliver for you.



We ran the digital marketing campaigns for an EU-based organic wine business. Through a combination of SEO, social media and email marketing, we helped to increase their annual revenue by 3,300% in just three years.


In the e-Commerce sector, we ran a PPC campaign for a manufacturing company – in month 1 alone we gained 20,800 impressions, and a 600% increase in traffic, and a conversion rate of 2.21% which is well above their industry standard.


We ran a 3-month digital marketing campaign with an online Italian food business. Which saw a significant increase in website traffic as a result of our email marketing strategy, we hit a new record – we increased their email subscribers by 4,130%, which equated to sales increasing by 3,900% over three months.

Meet The Team

An agency is only as good as its people. Market Jar prides itself on its team, many of whom have developed and grown with us over the years.



Founder, CEO



Head of SEO & PPC



Head of Development



Backend Developer






Backend Developer



UX/UI Designer


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