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Crafting digital excellence in software development is our specialty.

Elevate your presence with our bespoke software, robust mobile apps, and powerful customer relationship management systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes.



Facing these roadblocks?

Got a great website and mobile application, yet these issues keep you up at night?


Poor user experience

So you get many customers to your webpage, but they drop off before making a purchase or even browsing? Are your users struggling with a complicated interface?


Poor integration with business systems

Is your software failing to communicate with your existing business systems? Managing a business can be seamless unless you've got the wrong software.


Insufficient scalability

Growing faster than your current off-the-shelf software can handle?


Lack of unique features

Does your software lack features your business uniquely needs?


Inadequate support and maintenance

Struggling with generic support that doesn't address issues your customers face?


That's because the cookie-cutter approach doesn't always work with software development.

Here’s what most software development companies overlook


Run-of-the-mill solutions can be great but not always for your website’s software development.

Here’s how Market Jar’s custom software development addresses your web and mobile software woes:

  • Our bespoke software development offers a tailored user experience. It’s designed to match the specific needs of your audience. Say goodbye to complicated navigation.
  • Our custom software development services seamlessly integrate with your current business systems. We solve problems, improving efficiency and avoiding costly errors from system mismatches.
  • Our bespoke software development solutions offer scalability to match your business growth. The software expands with you, avoiding the pains of outgrowing off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Market Jar’s custom software development includes unique features for your business needs. Stand out from the competition with software tailored just for you.

Our bespoke business software comes with dedicated support and maintenance, designed to solve your customer’s issues quickly and efficiently.

Your vision + our expertise = a dream come true

With our custom software development, you can deliver the customer experience and seamless web experience that drives business growth.

Tailored software development solutions
Long-term cost efficiency
Bespoke web development
Scalability and flexibility
Competitive advantage
A competent team of software developers
Ownership and control of your custom software development
Enhanced security
Comprehensive support
Smooth integration
Mobile app development solutions

Customer Relationship Management systems

Because data is king.

A custom-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an information gold mine.

Our custom web solutions can help you keep up with your customer data, giving you greater insights into who your customers are and how they behave.

That’s the knowledge you need to:


“Market Jar has been excellent in supporting our business to succeed in a competitive marketplace. They provide a consultative approach with extensive reporting to allow us to plan ahead and change approach when needed to stay ahead of our competitors. They are honest, extensive in their knowledge and make a real effort to get to know your business and what works best for you. I would highly recommend them.”

- Richard Beaumont, CEO, LTF Recruitment

Our solutions

Bespoke software development

Custom software development that delivers the needs of your business

Our custom software development is designed around your business.

Whether you need a new invoicing system, an e-commerce platform to boost your income or a way of automating mundane tasks, our software development solutions help you achieve your business objectives.

Boost your efficiency
Unlock greater revenue streams
Transform into a standout business

Mobile app development


Mobile apps - mobile app development is just the way you want.

With more than 20 years of experience in mobile app development, we know what it takes to build mobile applications that look, feel, and do good.

We’re more than just a mobile app development company.

Our uniquely human approach towards mobile app development makes it easier to resonate with customers and build mobile applications that deliver.

We can turn your vision into reality, creating a robust, future-proofed, cost-effective app.

  • Cost-effective mobile application development
  • Mobile app development that’s custom-built around your company’s unique needs
  • Future-proofed, so you won’t need to build another one in a few years’ time

Why choose Market Jar?

There’s no getting around it: the software development process can be long and complicated. And there are no shortcuts to finding the solution that works for you.

That’s why you need to work with a custom software development firm that goes the extra mile and completes the project with minimal fuss.

At Market Jar, we're all about transparency, so you can see exactly where your investment is going every step of the way.

Whatever we do at Market Jar is custom-tailored. Each integration is crafted with precision and an understanding of your unique needs.

The best part? Assurance.

We know our software development services and strategies work because we have a proven track record of success in developing scale projects.

Here are a few examples of our bespoke software development for other companies.

This is what Market Jar’s software development company, headquartered in London, United Kingdom believes in.

Customization at its finest. Built directly into your current digital infrastructure with the intricate knowledge of your business needs.

Successful development projects

Market Jar revolutionized our operations with their software. Their professionalism and speed are unparalleled.

-Richard Beaumont, CEO, LTF


The mobile app that allows your employees to work in hospitality venues across the UK, by themselves or with colleagues/friends, rather than from at home, to improve their well-being when working either remotely or hybrid.

Move into a hybrid working culture
Discounts on food and drink
Invite your friends and book together

The custom software they created is robust and scalable. We've seen exceptional results.

-James, CEO, of Reef

Here’s how we work

Be it mobile app development or custom web development, Market Jar’s approach is simple: we believe tailor-made is best.
Here’s a breakdown of our custom software development process:


The first step at our custom software development company is understanding your business and the existing agile software you use.

Custom solutions

If your current system is already efficient, we refine and enhance it with customized smart solutions integrated with your existing software for improved functionality.

Insight generation

Using these customised solutions, Market Jar helps you gain new insights from your existing agile development. That understanding aids in running your business with maximum efficiency.

Long-term assistance

We can automate your business processes if you prefer a long-term strategy. That includes replacing off-the-shelf software with custom software tailored specifically to your business needs.

Custom software development

As a final step, we create a powerful tool tailored to your business: a cutting-edge custom software solution. It’s designed to boost your unique insights and techniques, empowering your business.

Why choose our bespoke software solutions?

Out of all the software development companies out there, why should you choose our software development solutions?

We’ve got seven great reasons for you:


Our software development service is not one-size-fits-all. We provide tailor-made solutions to meet your unique business needs and challenges.


As your business evolves, so should your software. Our solutions are easily scalable and adaptable to meet your changing needs.


Although initial web and mobile software costs may be higher, our bespoke software leads to significant savings in the long run by eliminating licensing or subscription costs.


Stand out from the competition with custom software features and experiences that off-the-shelf software just can’t provide.


Custom software offers robust security, minimizing the risk of hacker attacks and ensuring the safety of your valuable data.


With Market Jar, you completely own the software we develop. You can integrate, expand, and update it as you see fit.


Our software developers seamlessly integrate the custom software with your existing systems, facilitating smoother and more efficient operations. Plus, we provide robust support to ensure smooth accessibility for your users.


How can you pass on that? Book in a call today.

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