38 Degrees Creatives


The Client:

38 Degrees, a renowned advocacy organization, approached Market Jar in June 2019 with an impactful petition that garnered support from over 200,000 individuals. Their objective was to elevate their strategies and capture significant attention. Seeking a compelling approach, they sought out Market Jar's expertise to create striking creatives that could be featured in the local and national press, billboards, bus stops, and mobile ad vans.

The Challenge:

The challenge at hand for Market Jar was to devise a comprehensive plan that would effectively amplify 38 Degrees’ message and generate widespread awareness. With the goal of attracting attention from a diverse audience, Market Jar needed to devise a strategy that encompassed various advertising channels while ensuring a hard-hitting impact. The primary objective was to engage the target demographic and compel them to take action in support of the cause.

What We Did:

To address 38 Degrees’ requirements, Market Jar undertook a multifaceted approach combining cutting-edge web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and creative advertising techniques. Leveraging our expertise in these domains, we collaborated closely with 38 Degrees to develop compelling visuals and messaging that aligned with their objectives. Additionally, we conducted extensive keyword research and implemented on-page optimization to maximize their online visibility and organic search rankings.

The Delivery:

Market Jar’s delivery for 38 Degrees was a resounding success. By strategically placing creatives in the local and national press, billboards, bus stops, and mobile ad-vans, we ensured extensive reach and visibility for their cause. The eye-catching designs and impactful messaging captured the attention of both the target demographic and the wider public, resulting in a surge of engagement and support. Through our SEO efforts, we also enhanced 38 Degrees’ online presence, boosting their search engine rankings and driving organic traffic to their website. Ultimately, our comprehensive approach empowered 38 Degrees to effectively convey its message, mobilize support, and achieve its advocacy goals.


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