Citipacket Logo Design & Print


Who is Citipacket?

Powered by Citipost, Citipacket was designed to provide mailing houses and publishers with postage saving over the Royal Mail and other lightweight specialist delivery agents.
The Scenario:
Citipacket came to Market Jar to create this new sub-devision’s identity, we created a logo to fit their brand, and an eye-catching print design to grab attention when posted through a letterbox.

Brand Identity

The Client:

Citipacket, a prominent logistics company operating in multiple cities, approached our SEO and web design agency with a pressing need to establish a distinct brand identity aligned with its parent group. As a key player in the delivery services industry, Citipacket desired a cohesive and recognizable visual presence that would effectively communicate its professionalism, reliability, and efficiency to its target audience.

The Challenge:

Our agency encountered a significant challenge in developing Citipacket’s brand identity due to the absence of a recognizable and cohesive visual representation. It was crucial for us to create a dynamic and versatile logo that not only resonated with the parent group’s brand but also captured the essence of Citipacket’s services. The logo needed to convey a sense of speed, reliability, and superior customer service while differentiating Citipacket from its competitors in a crowded marketplace. We understood the importance of crafting a logo that would act as a powerful visual cue for customers to associate with Citipacket’s brand values and offerings.

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