Digital Marketing for iVino Wines

Make the most of your wine tasting experience by purchasing South American wines from iVino.

The Client:

Ivino Wines approached Market Jar in 2021 seeking assistance in establishing a comprehensive online platform that would serve as a one-stop shop for B2C customers looking to purchase South American wines easily and have them delivered promptly and intact. At the time, the business lacked a solid business plan, unique selling points (USPs), and expertise in the UK drinks market. Recognizing their potential, we took on the challenge of transforming their online presence and positioning them for success.

The Scenario:

The Challenge:

When we initially engaged with Ivino Wines, we encountered significant hurdles stemming from indexing issues inherited from their previous development company in Brazil.

Resolving these setbacks was our first priority, and once resolved, we began witnessing remarkable growth in website traffic. Since our partnership began, the organic traffic to Ivino Wines’ website has surged by an impressive 76%, with a noteworthy 89% of this increase comprising new customers.

Overcoming the initial obstacles set the stage for the subsequent success we achieved together.

What We Did:

To address the shortcomings of Ivino Wines’ online presence, we undertook several strategic initiatives. Firstly, we connected them with a diverse range of new suppliers, enabling them to broaden their wine selection and cater to the demands of their target audience.

Additionally, we facilitated the acquisition of a new warehouse, ensuring efficient order fulfilment and streamlined delivery processes.

By expanding their supplier network and optimizing logistics, we laid the foundation for their enhanced operational capabilities.

SEO Success:

Our comprehensive keyword research yielded promising results for Ivino Wines, as evidenced by their improved keyword rankings. Within just three months of our collaboration, Ivino Wines achieved over 83 keywords ranking, representing a staggering 900% increase.

Furthermore, these rankings continue to rise on a monthly basis. Building upon this success, we curated engaging content aligned with the brand’s theme and integrated it seamlessly into their Shopify platform.

As a result, we have produced many insightful articles on the Southern American wine trade, all of which are readily discoverable online through their respective targeted keywords. These articles serve as key drivers of website traffic and contribute to Ivino Wines’ ongoing SEO triumph.

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