Leica Camera Media Campaign


The Client:

Leica Camera, a renowned manufacturer of high-end cameras, partnered with Market Jar in August 2018 to enhance its online presence. As an industry leader, Leica aimed to leverage effective SEO and PPC strategies for their Mirrorless Camera System, the SL. Additionally, they sought comprehensive content rewriting, infrastructure improvements, faster website speeds, seamless SCHEMA integration, and more. The primary objectives were to boost revenue, minimize checkout abandonment, and improve organic rankings for relevant keywords.

Key Achievements & The Scenario

The Challenge:

When Leica Camera approached Market Jar, they faced the challenge of optimizing their online visibility and sales performance. Their existing digital infrastructure needed significant enhancements to keep up with the evolving market demands. Furthermore, they needed a comprehensive approach that would address SEO, PPC, content, and technical aspects to achieve their goals effectively.

What We Did:

To meet Leica Camera’s requirements, Market Jar executed a multi-faceted strategy. Firstly, we allocated a significant portion of the social media budget to Facebook, running various campaigns that also extended to Instagram. This targeted approach resulted in substantial increases in website traffic, with a remarkable 430% surge in Facebook-driven visits. Overall, there was a noteworthy 290% increase in social traffic, contributing to over 5,000 clicks. Notably, the majority of this traffic originated from Facebook and Instagram, creating a strong online presence for Leica Camera.

Traffic Snapshot:

During the campaign, which ran from September to mid-November, we closely monitored the website traffic to the Leica Mayfair domain. Comparing the campaign period in 2018 to the same timeframe in 2017, we observed a remarkable upswing of an additional 60,000 website visits. This snapshot highlights the significant increase in traffic generated through our efforts, showcasing a 171% overall rise across all channels, including paid search, organic search, and display advertising.

Video Performance:

Market Jar took on the task of optimizing Leica’s video content, which initially had low viewership on their YouTube channel, typically ranging from 50 to 400 views. However, after our intervention, one particular video garnered over 80,000 views, with over 95% of them being paid views. Moreover, the Google Display Network contributed an additional 90,443 views, further bolstering Leica’s brand visibility and engagement through videos.

Marketing Strategy Delivery:

Market Jar devised and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompassed various channels and techniques. By strategically allocating resources to Facebook campaigns and Instagram ads, we successfully generated substantial website traffic and engagement. Simultaneously, our efforts in optimizing video content resulted in significant viewership growth on Leica’s YouTube channel. Through a combination of SEO, PPC, content rewriting, technical enhancements, and meticulous campaign monitoring, Market Jar effectively supported Leica Camera’s objectives, elevating its online presence, revenue generation, and brand awareness.

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