SEO Case Study: Dog Behavioural Therapist

400% increase in revenue, in just 3 months!

The Client

Dog Training in London is a leading dog trainer in the city of London. They specialise in behavioural therapist services for dog owners, designed to improve canine behavior and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. They focus on positive reinforcement techniques, and they've become a trusted resource for dog owners seeking effective and compassionate training solutions in the heart of London.

The challenge

The challenge for Dog Training in London was to elevate their online presence and increase their weekly revenue from an average of £3,000 to £5,000-£6,000.

They sought to secure a prominent position on Google and Google Maps for the keyword “Dog Training in London.” In a competitive industry and a bustling city, the goal was to stand out as the go-to choice for dog owners seeking professional and compassionate training services.

The challenge lay in not only attracting a larger audience to their website but also in converting these visitors into loyal clients who recognised the value of their expertise and commitment to bonding the relationship between dogs and their owners.

What did Market Jar do?

In response to the challenge presented by Dog Training in London, Market Jar executed a holistic digital marketing strategy.

This involved website optimization targeted SEO efforts, and local SEO. A content strategy was devised to engage the audience and educate them on the benefits of professional dog training.

A robust technical SEO improvement. Comprehensive tracking and analytics were set up to monitor user behaviour and identify areas for optimization.

In just three months, these efforts have led to substantial growth in website traffic, user engagement, conversion rates, and revenue, effectively meeting the client’s goals and positioning Dog Training in London as a trusted leader in the industry.

Overall, our efforts have helped Dog Training London establish a stronger online presence and achieve sustainable growth for their business. Through improved search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, and enhanced brand visibility, Dog Training London is now better equipped to connect with pet enthusiasts and grow their customer base.

What results did we achieve?

  • Traffic: Achieving a 2,295% increase in users and a 2,774% increase in new users signifies that our SEO efforts successfully attracted a significantly larger audience to the website.
  • Engagement: A 2,896% increase in sessions and a 3,306% increase in engaged sessions indicate that visitors are not only coming to the site but also engaging with its content.
  • Conversion Rate: A conversion rate exceeding 7% is a substantial improvement, showing that the website’s content and design effectively guide users toward desired actions.
  • Revenue: A 400% increase in revenue is the ultimate success metric, demonstrating that our SEO efforts translated into tangible business growth.




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Conversion Rate



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