SEO Case Study: Flexible Workspace Company

Started with 210 leads. Over 6 months we've increased that by over 1,208%.

The Client

Colony Co-Work offers office space with capacity for between 1 - 64 people and prices ranging from £720 - £23,000. Based in northern England, they now dominate the flexible work space solution in Leeds city centre.

The challenge

One of the challenges faced by Colony Co-Work was that they were not being found online by their prospective clients. Despite their exceptional service and stunning website, they were struggling to attract new clients online.

What did Market Jar do?

We started by conducting intensive keyword research to discover which search terms people were searching for in Leeds and surrounding areas. We optimized Colony Co’s website around these local keywords and began optimising the website, fixing all crucial errors – (in which there was a tonne).

We then built out key pages to land and convert new customers.

Within a matter of just 6 months, we have started to see some amazing results.

What results did we achieve?

Market Jar’s SEO strategy for Colony Co has yielded some seriously impressive results so far.

  • The website is fast and brings in a steady flow of daily enquiries.
  • So far, we’ve landed 2,787 organic customers in just 6 months.
  • Increased their Engagement rate by 10%
  • Increased their Avg. engagement time by 18%

There’s no secret formula to achieving these kinds of results. We first make sure we fully understand what your business is all about and what you’re hoping to achieve. After that, it’s a case of combining our specialist industry knowledge with our proven SEO strategies. And we reckon the results speak for themselves.


Organic Leads


Engagement Rate


Avg. Engagement Time

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