Why Your Social Feeds Should Feature On Your Website

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If your social feeds aren’t featured on your website, you could be missing a trick. In the competitive world of digital marketing, you have to shout if you want to be heard. Not showing your audience, your readers, and your customers your beautifully curated social feeds from all of your social media accounts means you’re not getting noticed.

Feature your social feeds

But one way of getting attention is by ensuring your website has a point of difference from the rest of the competition, to give it a wholly distinctive vibe – by embedding links to your social feeds on your site.

But getting an edge on the competition isn’t the only reason to feature your social feeds on your homepage.

6 reasons to feature your social feeds on your website

1. Keeps all your social feeds in one place

With so many social platforms to keep track of, aggregating them all on your website allows your audience to see every one of your platforms in one place, without them having to go searching. Plus, it makes it easier for visitors to keep in touch with you (if they want to).

Use a social media tool such as Feed Them SocialSassy Social ShareFlockler or AddToAny to pull all of your social media feeds together and embed them prominently on your website. By doing this, you can manage them all simultaneously and from one place saving you time, allowing you to be everywhere your users are, displaying your user name and hashtags, and best of all they won’t impact the loading speed of your website  (aiding your SEO efforts)– win-win!

2. Shows user-generated content

What better way to demonstrate your popularity than by highlighting UGC on your website? It’s an excellent way to social proof your site (and drive conversion) – and let’s face it, we all tend to rely on peer reviews to decide whether something is worth our time and money or not. Plus, according to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index over 92% of us trust UGC over traditional advertising any day.

So if you want to boost your social media reach exponentially, harness the power of UGC and boost your brand and build your audience simultaneously.

3. Instant engagement

How do you know if you’ve captured your audience’s attention? Giving them what they want is one way. And there’s no denying it, social media is addictive. So give your audience not just what they want, but as much as they can handle in the form of all your social channels.

This has the added advantage of making it easy for users to share what they like with their own audiences via their favourite social media platform – meaning instant engagement and potentially more visitors to your website!

4. Engagement increases dwell time

Another advantage of giving your audience your social media feeds to engage with is it increases the time they spend on your site (not to mention driving traffic to your product pages or towards your call to action).

And dwell time is probably one of the most important metrics you should be measuring to check the effectiveness of your optimisation efforts.

What is dwell time?

It’s the length of time a visitor spends on a particular page before they click back to the SERP (from whence they came). And just for the record – dwell time is not the same as bounce rate (although it is closely related).

How long someone stays on your page should be indicative of the quality of content you’re providing them, and displaying your social feeds on your website will easily capture attention, engage your audience and increase their dwell time.

5. Always display fresh content

If you don’t have time to constantly be creating and publishing new content to feed through to your audience, having your social feeds on your website will take the pressure off slightly.

Your social feed will gather and display all of your content from across all of your social media channels, displaying it prominently on your site, on your apps and on any digital service you have. Every time you update one of your social channels, you’ll update your website too.

If you’re investing time and money crafting great engaging social media content, why wouldn’t you want it used on your site too?

6. Grow your social following

If you want to grow your social following on your social media channels, displaying the content you post there on other platforms is a great way of getting more eyes on it. You can guarantee that not all of your followers follow you on all of your platforms, and in fact, not all of your customers and users of your website will follow you on all or any of your channels.

So displaying a social feed on your site containing all of your social media content is an excellent means to showcase your content, and encourage your audience to follow you elsewhere.

Social media marketing

If you’re looking for assistance with your social media marketing, let us help you kickstart your social media campaign or improve your existing social presence. We will get you noticed.

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