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How To Grant Google Tag Manager Access

Google Tag Manager is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to simplify the process of managing and deploying various tags, scripts, and tracking codes on a website. It offers a centralized platform where marketers and website administrators can efficiently handle a wide range of tracking and analytics tools without requiring direct access to the website’s source code. With Google Tag Manager, you can easily add, update, or remove tags for tracking user interactions, such as page views, clicks, form submissions, and more, all from a web-based interface. This not only streamlines the tag management process but also reduces the potential for errors and conflicts. It’s a valuable asset for digital marketers and website owners seeking to improve their data collection, analysis, and overall web performance.

For instructions on how to give us Tag Manager account access –
  1. Click Admin.
  2. In the Account column, select User Management.
  3. ClickAdd.
  4. Select Add new users.
  5. Enter one or more email addresses.
  6. Set Account Permissions. The user is selected by default, and this level allows the user to view basic account information. Select Administrator if the user should have the ability to create new containers and modify user permissions for accounts and containers.
  7. Optional: Set Container Permissions for each container that you would like the user to have access to.
  8. Click Invite. Each invited user will receive an invitation to use the container.


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